Don’t delay the Removal of Fibroid: Choose Fibroid Surgery in India


Statistics show that on the way to the age 50, maximum women have faced the problem of Uterine Fibroid. These are benign or non-cancerous tumours that are also known as Uterine Fibroid, Fibromyomas or Myomas. These grow from the muscle layers of the Uterus and women who are obese are more prone to facing this problem; heredity is also considered to be a risk factor.

Affordable Fibroid Surgery cost in India
Don’t delay the Removal of Fibroid: Choose Fibroid Surgery in India

Don’t Waste Any More Time to Remove Fibroid:

When left untouched, or not given apt medical attention, Fibroids go on growing – in size as well as in number. As the tumours keep invading into the Uterus more aggressively, the associated pain gets severe, the woman faces severe cramps and excessive vaginal bleeding along with abdominal swelling. Furthermore, there is additional pressure on the bladder leading to frequent urination or incontinence; finally leading to infertility. These symptoms are not only cumbersome on the health of a woman but also on her psyche, leading extreme amount of disturbances in her personal and social life.  So, under any condition, do not waste any time in initiating the appropriate treatment.


Be it the simplest medical condition, any delay caused leads to more difficulty for the patient. Similar is the situation with Fibroid. The more the treatment is delayed, it worsens the condition. What such women need to do is connect with the relevant specialist as soon as possible to avoid negative repercussions on their health.

Know about cost-effective prices for fibroid removal:

There are many progressive surgical approaches possible today, with which women can easily get rid of fibroid. Further, if choosing India, then women can get there surgeries at affordable fibroid surgery cost in India - $3,600 in India, whereas the same costs $42,000 in USA.

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Treatment and Recovery are not as bad as you think:

There are many cases where women delay the treatment because of ignorance and the second reason is the fear of treatment. This is because previously the surgical options would be highly invasive in nature; surgeries like Hysterectomies, after which patients requires several weeks to recover. But today, with medical technology getting advanced drastically, there are non-invasive or minimally invasive surgical options. These procedures not only remove Fibroid effectively, but the recovery is extremely faster as compared to conventional procedures. 


One of the most advanced, innovative and effective procedures that is very preferred today is called Fibroid Embolization. This is a minimally invasive surgery performed by giving minimum anaesthesia, to lower any discomfort. A Radiologist uses X-rays to guide a Catheter reach the Uterine Artery and then releases embolic agents and thus the blood flow to the Fibroid is stopped. This way the Fibroid do not get the necessary oxygen and nutrients and shrink. Further, there are Laparoscopic approaches with which recovery is ever faster and there are hardly any risks involved.

Patient Story:

Mrs. Austin from Tanzania was disturbed because of putting on weight and also because her periods were longer and extremely painful. When she consulted a Gynecologist, she came to know that she had Uterine Fibroid. She was aware that she won’t find a decent surgical option in her own country so tried finding the same in other countries and was more than happy to find Indian Med Guru Consultants.


“The representatives of this group are extremely organized and very clear about the requirements of a patient. They offered me a complete packaged, which had each and every aspect covered, associated with the whole treatment process. The surgery, the after-cure, the recovery – everything was so comfortable. I can’t thank enough the team of Indian Med Guru and the surgical team for such a fruitful treatment experience.”

Why Indian Med Guru? 

There are several forms of treatment for which countless international patients are stepping into India. More specifically, for Fibroid Surgery in India, there are several patients, who have benefited from the advanced treatment facilities. 


We, at India Med Guru Consultants are working wholeheartedly so that these patients can avail the facilities without any issues. We offer:

  • Medical visa services 
  • Extremely ethical approach
  • Accommodation and travel services 
  • Earliest consultation scheduled with the surgeon
  • Very affordable packages for Fibroid Surgery in India 
  • Health-friendly diet, as recommended by the doctors
  • Treatment planned at the top India hospitals with surgeons, who are considered stalwarts, when it comes to Fibroid Surgery

So, if you are looking inexpensive yet finest quality healthcare services, please connect with us at the earliest to get the most rewarding treatment experience in India.

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Watch Patient Video Of Mrs. Ana from Sweden sharing her experience about Fibroid Surgery in India with the help of Indian Med Guru Consultant