Laparoscopic Myomectomy Cost: Too affordable if you are considering it in India

What is the complication of Myomectomy?

Before we talk about the laparoscopic myomectomy cost, we need to check the complications about the same.  Well there are not much of risks attached to the treatment when it comes to this form of surgery provided you have the best doctor and hospital. However, the complications or risks are due to the less amount of expertise seen in this surgery.  These include risk of having excessive bleeding, scar tissue formation leading to blockage of the fertilized eggs, getting new fibroid over the uterus along with getting the childbirth issues.  However, when it comes to the understanding the severity of these issues these remain at the lower side since the complications or risks after this surgery is very much minimal giving enough reasons not to worry about the same. Even though if you have any complication it can be reduced using medications and certain therapy. 

laparoscopic myomectomy cost
Laparoscopic Myomectomy in India

What are the conditions and treatment for Myomectomy?

When it comes to the laparoscopic myomectomy cost then make sure it is not that much. The treatment option is often used to treat the uterine fibroid or the non-cancerous tumors, which are made up of muscle and several other tissues that are seen growing in the uterus. However, the cause of these fibroid are yet to be find out but as pre-reports, 80 percent of all women I their child bearing age are seen getting into this problem. There are certain conditions which are fixed using this treatment or surgery option that include fixing the painful or heavy bleeding periods, or fixing the bleeding between periods, it also fixes the lower back pain as well and other issues that affect your sexual life and other things. 

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What is a laparoscopic Myomectomy?

If you talk about this the Myomectomy then it is nothing but a less invasive procedure that removes the non-cancerous fibroid over the uterus. This procedure is carried out with general or local anesthetic and is carried out with a small size incision that is made close over the bellybutton. The surgeon is then seen inflating the abdomen along with the carbon dioxide gas for improving the visibility. This surgery is often carried out with great ease as we see the fibroid being located just outside of the uterus. However, the only downside of the surgery is that it gives the surgeon difficulty to repair the damage over the uterus as the vision is restricted.

How much does it cost to remove uterine fibroid?

When it comes to the laparoscopic myomectomy cost then it would depend upon a number of factors including the choice of hospital and doctor along with other factors as well. As per reports, the typical cost of this surgery is around 11600 USD in the developed nations like the US and the UK, while the same surgery in the countries like India it is carried out at a cost of around 2500 USD which is a huge difference that are offered at the best of the quality. The high end hospitals and top doctors even charge up to 20,000 USD and even more in the developed nations for the obvious reasons.

Know about the Survival rate of uterine fibroid remove in India

When we talk about the success rate after myomectomy, more than 80 percent of the affected women are seen with positive results. These include getting improved pain relief along with getting the reduction in the menstrual bleeding. However, as per experts, the surgery is not often called as the permanent solution for the fibroid. There are several new fibroid that are seen usually growing in 25 percent of the cases. The younger the woman in age and other details, the lesser would be the complications found in the fibroid cases seen before the myomectomy. Hence the chance of getting back the fibroid seem to go higher. 

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