Plan your Radiotherapy for Lymphoma Treatment in India

What is Radiotherapy?


Radiotherapy is also referred to as Radiation Therapy, and is one of the chief methods for treating one of the most difficult diseases – Cancer. In this mode of treatment, there is usage of X-rays to kill or destroy the Cancer cells so that they are unable to multiply further – can be used for curing primary or advanced Cancer. Also, it helps in reducing the size of the Cancer, lowering the pain and discomfort that comes with this ailment. Radiation therapy can be the primary treatment or can be combined with other treatment.


Radiation therapy is immensely beneficial in the treatment of Lymphoma, a Cancer that starts in the infection-fighting cells of the immune system, and are known as lymphocytes. These cells are present in the lymph nodes, Bone Marrow, spleen, thymus, and other parts of the body:

  • Curing some Cancer types; particularly Lymphoma, alone or in combination with other treatment methods like Chemotherapy
  • Controlling the growth of Lymphoma cells or by preventing them from spreading further
  • Helping other modes of treatment to act more effectively. Radiation Therapy can be used before or after the other forms of treatment
  • Lowering the highly discomforting symptoms of Lymphoma and thus give a better quality of life to the Cancer affected – if the total cure is not feasible
  • Treating Lymphoma at an early stage – usually followed by Chemotherapy

    Radiation is an extremely safe method and administered either through external beams or inside the body through Brachytherapy. In the external version, a machine produces radiation beams and aims these at the Cancer site and nearby tissues while for internal radiation therapy radioactive material is put in thin tubes and placed in the patient’s body near the affected site. The duration of the treatment depends on the types of Cancer, location and size, overall heath condition of the patients and also if the patient had any Cancer treatment before this. There are very limited side effects like nausea, fatigue, loss of appetite, dry or itchy skin, etc., which go away when the treatment process is complete.


What is the Cost of Radiotherapy for Lymphoma Cancer Treatment in India?


India’s fame is all the more high because of the cost effective packages that the international patients can avail here. Not only Cancer drains the patients physically but financially as well. Even though Cancer is considered is one of the most expensive treatment to avail, it is still very economically priced in India. The cost of Radiotherapy for Lymphoma Treatment in India is very much within the budget of the patients, which makes coming to India a very apt decision for these patients.


Success rate of Radiotherapy for Lymphoma Treatment in India


With so many advances in the field of medicine coming up with every year, each medical specialty is getting more and more updated. With all these updates, come more safety and precision. All this in total gives a major push to the success rates of these treatment and surgeries. More specifically, the success rate of Radiotherapy for Lymphoma treatment in India is very high and this is very assuring for the international patients coming from all over the world.


Advantages of Radiotherapy for Lymphoma Treatment in India

  • Best in class Cancer hospitals with top quality facilities
  • Very affordable cost of Radiotherapy for Lymphoma treatment in India
  • Success rate of Radiotherapy for Lymphoma treatment in India is at par with the global standards
  • Very  experienced and qualified to perform Radiotherapy for Lymphoma treatment in India
  • Helpful and cordial assistant staff to look after the patients
  • Very high hygiene and safety levels maintained to ensure best outcomes

      Best Hospitals in Mumbai for Radiotherapy for Lymphoma


The Indian hospitals have become the ultimate choice for receiving any kind of treatment or surgery by patients from many corners of the world. There are several patients, who today prefer the Indian hospitals for Radiotherapy for Lymphoma treatment in India owing to the presence of the extraordinarily blessed Cancer hospitals. These hospitals have the best medical amenities for Cancer treatment, very learned Oncologists acquainted with all the latest modes of Cancer cure, very patient friendly environment to make the patients feel most comfortable as well as very low priced treatment packages for Lymphoma.


Why International Patients Choose Indian Medguru Consultants for Radiotherapy?


The primary aim of Indian Medguru Consultants is to make the medical tour to India a completely rewarding experience. We have a network of excellent hospitals and surgeons – catering to every medical specialty, logistics support, cost effective packages, no waiting periods, un-compromised quality of services, post treatment holidays planning, and much more. Along with these services, we ensure that the overall treatment process is a massive success for our patients.


You do not have to wait for meeting Best Lymphoma Doctors in India. We have fast track services for Our Patients. You can Email us For Fast Track Query Reply- contact@indianmedguru.com or Call us For Immediate Appointment- +919370586696.

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