Gender Selection – Is It Best Choice for You?



When it comes to Gender selection, it is nothing but an attempt to regulate the Gender of the offspring in order to get the desired Gender. It can be easily obtained in a number of methods, both the pre and the post implantation of an embryo along with the childbirth. It has been promoted under the family balancing. As per the UN reports, the key reason of Gender selection are owing to the three factors and they offer a proper understanding for the Gender ratio imbalances along with the project future trends. With lax laws in different nations, more and more gender selection clinics have come to fore. India has become the fertile land for many global patients who come in the search for good gender selection clinics, which help them in getting the option of choosing the Gender choice for the kids. How about digging deep into the topic and get the crux of the same.


Factors Working Behind Gender Selection


There are several factors, which are to be considered before going for the procedure:

  • For people preferring a male baby that stems from the household structures in which girls and the women have the marginal social, symbolic, economic and eventually reap the limited right. These are the household structure that focus over the security in which the sons are expected to give them support in their old age.
  • The technological growth of the prenatal diagnosis that helps the parents in knowing the Gender for unborn baby.
  • Low fertility that boost up the require for Gender choices by simply reducing the possibility of having daughter in small size families.
  • As per the UN reports, it is the local fertility restriction and the random and quick fertility decay below the replacement levels that has compelled the parents who are keen to get both the son and the small size in order to get the Gender selection.

Methods for Gender Selection in India


There are several methods of Gender selection, some of these are as under:

·   Pre-Implantation: There are two kinds of pre-implantation methods that can be employed for social Gender selection. Both of them are based over actively offering the second Gender chromosome to be X or Y Chromosome that gives male and female child respectively.

·   The Ericsson Method: This is among the first applied clinical setting introduced first in the seventies by Dr. Ronald J Ericsson which employs high concentration of sperm of the desired Gender in order to boost up the likelihood of conceiving that Gender. This method is known to have higher success rate which is around 70 to 72 percent for the boys while for the girls it can be around 69 to 75 percent success rate. Currently, this can be around 50 gender selection clinics in the US that are governed by gender selection.

·       IVF or PGD:  After the ovarian stimulation, the number of eggs are seen removed from the mother and then it is passed to the lab for mixing with the sperm of the father known as IVF. The fertilized eggs also known as embryos that end up developing via mitosis that are seen separated by the Gender. And then the embryos of the desired gender are seen getting implanted back inside the uterus of the mother.


Gender Selection Clinics in India


When it comes to choosing the gender selection clinics in India, these are carried out seeking the help with a competent medical tourism company. If you are coming to India, make sure you choose the right medical consultant that can help you find out the best group for your coming future. Take your time to find out the right group and do things as per your whims and fancies. 


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